Where cooling matters most

  • Protecting potency of medication

  • Enjoying cold drinks

  • Preserving food

Coolfinity fridges provide reliable cooling, at locations with poor power availability

Reliable cooling

Even with very poor power availability Coolfinity fridges provide reliable cooling without any hassle.

Prevent product waste

Coolfinity fridges cool very stable at a low temperature, preventing the waste of products inside.

No generator needed

Coolfinity fridges do not require a back-up generator, reducing both energy costs and CO2 footprint.

4-6 hours of power

Only 4 to 6 hours of power per day is needed to run the fridge 24/7.

Stable 3°C

Uniform cooling throughout the fridge, at a stable 3 degrees Celsius.

48 hours holdover

Cool down and keep cold up till 48 hours without power.

No generator needed

No more costs for polluting and expensive back-up systems.


Maarten ten Houten

CEO & founder


Berend Schols

Chief Commercial Officer


Andrzej Grysiak

Sr. Business Developer


Steven Burger

Design & Innovation Mgr