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Welcome to Coolfinity - the Icebank Cooler

Coolfinity has developed an innovative cooling technology for fridges with irregular power availability like power outages

Our technolgy delivers 24 hours of cooling on 4 hours of power. It can keep food, beverages and medicines cold at a stable 3 degrees Celsius.

We are a technology company. We assist manufacturers to become more competitive with new innnovative products.


About Us

Maarten ten Houten

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Engineer with 25 years of experience in Sustainable Innovation & Marketing at Heineken & Philips. In 2013 Maarten became the project leader for the fridge at Heineken.

Berend Schols

Chief Commercial Officer

Medical Doctor with 12 years of experience in Healthcare as Medical doctor (anaesthesiology), before he started his own company Healthy System Concepts in 2014

Andrzej Grysiak

Senior Business Development Manager

Engineer with 30 year experience in sales/key account management & business development of B2B fridges to large clients like Heineken & Carlsberg.

Our Products

The Coolfinity fridge provides a simple solution to the power outage problem in emerging markets. It provides 24/7 cooling where it currently is not (consistently and reliable) available. Due to the icebank, vaccines and food & beverage can be salvaged, leading to less discarded products, less food poisoning and a higher rate of vaccination.


Many tropical countries suffer daily from long and severe power outages, leading to sales loss, wasted products and unhappy consumers. No more worries if your products are cold when customers arrive. Plug and play solution - so no more hassle with diesel generators, no more paying for diesel.


Besides beverages food needs cooling at stable temperature to avoid bacteria from growing (2-8 dC). The innovative icebank cooler can keep food cold on 6-4 hrs of power per day. In case of power outage the fridge can keep it cold for maximum 48hr before power is needed.


Medical supplies (like red blood cells, insulin, oxytocin) and vaccines need to be constantly cooled between (2-8 dC). Several hundred millions doses of is lost and thrown away every year due to insuffiicent cooling or freezing. The Coolfinity fridge keeps a stable 3 dC without freezing only 4 hrs of power per day. In case of power outage the fridge can keep it cold for maximum 48hr before power is needed.


1 September 2017
Coolfinity - the icebank Cooler selected for Merck Group Accelerator 2017 . Coolfinity is exited and proud to announce that we have been selected as one of the three start-ups for Merck Accelerator program in Nairobi, Kenya. It is an intensive 3 month program to take our start-up to the next level. Accelerator consists of 4 parts (Mentoring, Curriculum, Funding and Community).
Merck Group

15 November 2016
Coolfinity is selected to showcase the fridge at World Healthcare Forum 28 29 November 2016 . Here we will show our innovation to the healthcare industry.
World Healthcare Forum

16 June 2016
Coolfinity has been interviewed by Marjolein Baghuis of Change in Context on our ideas related on sustainable design and challenges for the future.

18 May 2016
Coolfinity fridge is nominated for the Accenture Innovation Awards. 2016.

Innovation awards

There is a public voting for competition. You can support our product by CLICKING HERE TO VOTE. Voting is open until 21st of October. The innovation with the most votes will get the Public prize in October.

14 March 2016
I'm proud to announce that Coolfinity fridge has been selected as one of the Finalist of edie Environment and Energy Awards 2016 in the category of Environment Product Innovation.


Coolfinity - the icebank cooler

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